Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Check your ExclusiveCoin snapshot address balance.

Exclusive Coin v2 snapshot occurred 14th April 2019 at block 1,845,936, this means over 82,000 new blocks and new coins exist on the current v2 chain.
These extra coins are not recognised by the snapshot, and your local balance may not match the snapshot balance

To confirm your address balance you may check using this explorer

Let us check the addresses from my earlier post on using coin control, here is an image of my addresses

it shows three addresses

the bottom two were both created after the snapshot and therefore do not exist on the v2 explorer showing this screen

while the first address shows a balance of 8420 EXCL, but on the explorer shows a balance of 3423 EXCL

In this case, if I checked my original screen shot I would expect 8,630 EXCL from the snapshot but then in reality I would only be receiving 3,432 EXCL from the snapshot.

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