Tuesday, 18 June 2019

How to use Coin Control to send coins for Exclusivecoin swap.

For the ExclusiveCoin mandatory swap from v2 to v3 you will be required to send v2 coins from a single address in a single transaction.
If you have 3 addresses, you will be required to send 3 seperate transactions, each one from a single address.

You can use coin control existing inside the qt wallet to specify the individual send address.

Please note, if you want to run v2 and v3 wallets at the same time, please see note at the bottom of this article.

To enable coin control follow these steps.

1. Click on settings >> Options ...

2. Select Display tab >> Select "Display coin control features ..." >> Press OK

3. Select Send tab
>> Press "Inputs..." button, this will bring up coin selection dialogue , this example uses Tree mode
>> On the left is an expandable view of all your available inputs, ensure you select inputs from one single address.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EXPANDED THE ADDRESS. The wallet will also nest different change addresses, so it's necessary to ensure there are no other address selected.

4. You can see displayed information regarding your input selection, "After Fee" is how much you have available to send
>> Enter the v2 swap address you were given by the swap site
>> send your swap coins, remember your swap rate is based on the snapshot balance of the input address NOT how many coins you send (see below for more info)
>> Press send.

more info regarding swap.
a snapshot was created at block 1845936, you will be swapped ONLY for coins available at that height.

in my examples there are 100 coins in that address,
if the snapshot balance is 100 coins the swap site will send me exactly 100 coins.
if i have been staking and send 120 coins, i will receive 100 coins.
if i send 5 coins, i will receive 5 coins.

any transactions past block 1845936 will not exist and will not affect swap.
if you have staked past block 1845936 then the new coins will not exist in the snapshot and will not be swapped
if you have moved coins after block 1845936 you will still need to send from your early address
if you test the swap process and your change goes to a new address, you will have to send it back to your snapshot address to complete the swap.

running v2 and v3 wallets at the same time
both wallets use the same port number, so it will be required to specify v2 wallet to use a different port number.
you will need to edit the exclusivecoin.conf file and add


handy links

v3 explorer - http://explorer.exclusivecoin.pw
v3 wallets - https://github.com/exclfork/excl-core/releases

v2 explorer - https://www.cryptobe.com/chain/ExclusiveCoin - any balances past block 1845936 will be ignored for swap purposes.
v2 wallets - https://github.com/exclfork/ExclusiveCoin/releases
v2 snapshot -

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