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How to setup an Exclusive Coin master node.

please note this post has changed from it's original content, 
if you used the original version you should go through this guide again and if necessary reconfigure your masternode.

There are two basic methodologies to run masternodes,
1. entirely on one wallet, 

this requires the running wallet to have the coins in the wallet and does pose some risk, 
but no more than a general staking wallet.

the risk is that if someone gains access to your machine, they have theoretical access to all sorts of information including your running client and your wallet.

it is important to note that there are a multiplicity of coins that require a consistently online hot wallet for staking, 
if you are staking Exclusive coin you are equally as vulnerable as if you running a properly setup masternode from a hotwallet.
You are also at risk if you have any form of wallet with funds in it that can access the network,
because hackers.

2. using a two wallet setup as a hot/cold setup 

this requires you have one hot wallet setup as our guide suggests (with direct access to funds), and another cold wallet setup differently (with no access to funds).

the hot wallet first registers the node, then the cold wallet will piggyback off that registration and run a masternode.

this setup can be used to start multiple remote masternodes.

this is more secure because even if someone gains access to the machine running the masternode, there are no funds at risk.
again we'd like to point out the simple fact that all staking wallets are hot wallets and are theoretically at risk.

1. entirely on one wallet, 

1. send 5000 EXCL to address,
2. modify exclusivecoin.conf,
3. modify masternode.conf,
4. start master node.
5. confirm success

There is at least one instance in old versions of the Qt that mentions sending 10,000 coins for master node, this is incorrect. You only need 5,000 (at the moment, this may change).

1. send 5000 EXCL to address,
go to new wallet and get new address, send exactly 5000 coins to that address in one single transaction, (if you want two master nodes you will use two addresses etc ..)

2. modify exclusivecoin.conf,
here's the contents of my final exclusivecoin.conf,

rpcuser=whatever(make something up)
rpcpassword=whatever(make something up)

there are four things in your exclusivecoin.conf that will differ from mine

rpcpassword these will give remote access to your wallet, so make them a strong user/password pair

masternodeprivkey will be generated in your wallet/debug console,

go to the "Help" menu, and select "Debug window",
this windows gives various information on your wallet, for now we require the middle "Console" tab,
here we can enter commands (via the command line) to the wallet-qt, (this is very similar to how you would interact with the exclusivecoind daemon which has no GUI),

while we are here we will also check our transaction is valid (will need a minimum age of 10 confirmations before it shows),
so enter
>masternode outputs

>masternode genkey

copy/paste the "masternode genkey" output into your exclusivecoin.conf against the masternodeprivkey entry, you will also use it in the next step/section.
the "masternode outputs" output shows your transaction is good, and the data will be used in the next step/section.

you should see something like this

masternodeaddr is the ip address and port of the masternode wallet.
if you are running the wallet at home, it is your home address, there are multiple ways to get your ip.

in the debug console enter

this may show your ip address,
alternatively enter "whatsmyip" into google,
this will also show your ip.

for now we will assume standard port number is valid so you will use port number 23230
assuming my ip is then i will enter as earlier

3. modify masternode.conf,
here's the contents of my final masternode.conf,

masternodeEXAMPLE 82b7be68fea1877a41105866f0143d88480212688892eda6f9f5609950a98777 0

there are two ways to enter information,
one is via direct editing of the masternode.conf file,
the second is using the masternode tab in the exclusivecoin-qt,

this guide will use the second.

now get necessary information
for your setup you will need this data
alias address:port privkey txid position

alias is just a name for that master node, it can be anything
address:port is yr wallets ip and a port, (each master node must have different ports)
privkey is the output from "masternode genkey" earlier, it is not related to the address you sent 5k to, each mn must have different privkey input
txid and position once you've sent the funds, is the output from "masternode outputs" earlier.

alias make up a name for you masternode, i will use "masternodeEXAMPLE"

address:port this is the same as your masternodeaddr entered into the exclusivecoin.conf
in this case

privkey is the output from "masternode genkey" from earlier,
in this case 6QXGyLgjLYQQad6WXNDuAtnEKNciSJYdxp7doirPoy6PafVBwpF

txid and position are from the earlier outputs of "masternode outputs",
you will see something like this

    "82b7be68fea1877a41105866f0143d88480212688892eda6f9f5609950a98777" : "0"

the long number is the txid and the short number is position,
your txid will be different, your position may or may not be different.

now go to master node tab in Qt, and press create, enter your details and press OK.

In your data directory there is now a file called masternode.conf
It holds the data you just entered, it will look something like below.

4. start master node.

You will need to re-start your wallet, it will then read the data from your newly edited exclusivecoin.conf and masternode.conf

once re-started,
go to your masternode tab,
if you now press Start or Start All this will broadcast and register your masternode details.

as soon as the wallet starts running, it will be checking the exclusivecoin.conf information against registered masternodes,
now you've broadcast the registration details your masternode should now start running.

WOOT. things should be running now,
but, how to check if they're running?

the most straightforward check is to get the list of running masternodes and check you are entered,
once more to the debug/console and (using your ip not mine) enter
>masternode list full
    "82b7be68fea1877a41105866f0143d88480212688892eda6f9f5609950a98777-0" : "   ENABLED 61404 Ec52sButeWS2a6niZW3bBwBzsHR1QxLjcB 1500345066      150 1500345096"

you will see various informations in that output
82b7be68fea1877a41105866f0143d88480212688892eda6f9f5609950a98777-0" is your txid/position
Ec52sButeWS2a6niZW3bBwBzsHR1QxLjcB is your public key holding the coins and tx
you will also see your IP

ENABLED is a good sign ;)
and 150 is your masternode rating, if it is 0 or 1, that is not a good sign, keep an eye on it for a few minutes and if it does not change then go through your data and restart.

in this case the final number 1500345096 is a time stamp and will update every time you enter.

2. using a two wallet setup as a hot/cold setup 
the basic understanding is you don't need to hold the funds in your masternode wallet,
once you register the masternode in your hot wallet, a cold wallet (with no funds) with correct details in the exclusivecoin.conf should now be capable of automatically running the masternode.

the cold wallet does not require any information in a masternode.conf file, this is purely for the hot wallet.

NOTE when running a remote cold wallet, the IP address used will be that of the remote wallet. not the IP address of the hot wallet.

for now the simple explanation is,
steps 1, 3 from above will be done for the hot wallet

the hot wallet will hold the funds, transaction, and masternode.conf details

and step 2 from above will be done for the cold wallet.

the cold wallet will hold the exclusivecoin.conf details

in a wallet containing zero funds you will edit the exclusivecoin.conf with the same
details as your hot wallet masternode.conf above

step 4 will also be done from the hot wallet

once you register the masternode via "Start" or "Start All", the details will be broadcast,
when the cold wallet receives the details it should start running immediately

step 5 can be done from either wallet

although given they have different network connections there may be some variations, but over time they should

more infos
coming soon,

If you have multiple nodes then each will have their own separate line of data.
Importantly, each seperate node needs seperate port, excl address, tx.

It's worth noting that "masternode outputs" will give a list in any order without any obvious linkage to address, you'll have to work out which tx goes with which address/privkey

2017-07-18 02:28:38 CActiveMasternode::EnableHotColdMasterNode() - Enabled! You may shut down the cold daemon.

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