Sunday, 30 June 2019

Create ExclusiveCoin rawtransaction

This post will assume certain knowledge and will skip some steps.
We will work with the windows-qt, but the process is basically similar across platform/builds.

It is possible to create rawtransations that are invalid, or from any input not mine, this article will use currently available inputs.

I successfully created and sent a 2 in 1 out rawtransaction using zero fee.
however attempting a 2 in 2 out resulted in fails while using up to 1 EXCL in fee, I did not test any higher and have no idea about any other variations.

there are three basic steps,
1) createrawtransaction
2) signrawtransaction
3) sendrawtransaction

Using listunspent will give you a current list of available inputs,

I will use the last two. All we need is the txid, vout and value.
        "txid" : "fe59b03a782aa6a393f2a5d7fa58df0a431644ad3edecac14ae05ffa838948b6",
        "vout" : 1,
        "amount" : 44.25000000,

        "txid" : "fe7eba5f0d567accd27fdca08f3f83724f5143b3fb46cdd915819bbc2438c030",
        "vout" : 1,
        "amount" : 28.08000000,

entering createrawsation in the console gives the basic format as
[{"txid":txid,"vout":n},...] {address:amount,...}
now you will actually find this doesnt work as the " are special characters and will need some extra fuckery.
there are a couple ways of handling the fuckery both of these should work ok
'[{"txid":txid,"vout":n},...]' '{"address":amount,...}'
"[{\"txid\":txid,\"vout\":n},...]" "{\"address\":amount,...}"

filling in the input data gives
'[{"txid":"fe59b03a782aa6a393f2a5d7fa58df0a431644ad3edecac14ae05ffa838948b6","vout":1,"txid":"fe7eba5f0d567accd27fdca08f3f83724f5143b3fb46cdd915819bbc2438c030","vout":1}]' {address:amount,...}

the two inputs give a total value of 72.33 EXCL
any amount that is not sent in the next section will become the transaction fee
so if I only sent 42 to myself 
then the remaining 30.33 EXCL will go to the miner.

so I will include most of the coins instead and enter into rpc console

createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"fe59b03a782aa6a393f2a5d7fa58df0a431644ad3edecac14ae05ffa838948b6","vout":1,"txid":"fe7eba5f0d567accd27fdca08f3f83724f5143b3fb46cdd915819bbc2438c030","vout":1}]' '{"EZYdgoGwqhvGxKZuWRRZjEzfQS7oi2H6YE":42,"EcArdpTnA47ZSNM2TLELFPUXsJkiy63Gyk":30.33}'


signrawtransaction 010000009f99195d01b6488983fa5fe04ac1cade3ead4416430adf58fad7a5f293a3a62a783ab059fe0100000000ffffffff0200ea56fa000000001976a914b3ce628b3a22911b42d3a33b50eba720dab8252988ac40e8c7b4000000001976a914d0986b8ba8854573452664eb4ba0850dfb2ce24e88ac00000000

    "hex" : "010000009f99195d01b6488983fa5fe04ac1cade3ead4416430adf58fad7a5f293a3a62a783ab059fe0100000049483045022100d937eec63ec6939ed2f5cd4f26c7d1dff3badf28baa0bb50cc2c94aeb4869eb002207d36a7d518e81b83fd6940813b829f737551e38968cb188b81b1dd0e7633134b01ffffffff0200ea56fa000000001976a914b3ce628b3a22911b42d3a33b50eba720dab8252988ac40e8c7b4000000001976a914d0986b8ba8854573452664eb4ba0850dfb2ce24e88ac00000000",
    "complete" : true
sendrawtransaction 010000009f99195d01b6488983fa5fe04ac1cade3ead4416430adf58fad7a5f293a3a62a783ab059fe0100000049483045022100d937eec63ec6939ed2f5cd4f26c7d1dff3badf28baa0bb50cc2c94aeb4869eb002207d36a7d518e81b83fd6940813b829f737551e38968cb188b81b1dd0e7633134b01ffffffff0200ea56fa000000001976a914b3ce628b3a22911b42d3a33b50eba720dab8252988ac40e8c7b4000000001976a914d0986b8ba8854573452664eb4ba0850dfb2ce24e88ac00000000

TX rejected (code -22)

lol. it's cos of the tx fee.
using a single output allows a zero EXCL fee,

createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"fe7eba5f0d567accd27fdca08f3f83724f5143b3fb46cdd915819bbc2438c030","vout":1}]' '{"EZYdgoGwqhvGxKZuWRRZjEzfQS7oi2H6YE":28.08000000}'

but with the above 2 in 2out tx I tested up to 1 EXCL and it's still being rejected.
the outcome is the method above works but you will need to include a correct txfee for it to work.

it's possible to create an invalid or otherwise rejected transaction.
possible reasons may be, input is already spent, value out exceeds value in, not enough fees.

Exclusive Coin swap.

The ongoing EXCL user swap will be handled by a dedicated swap site.
Before we discuss the swap site it's useful to consider how it will work.

Each EXCL v2 address has it's own snapshot balance.
You will send coins from your EXCL v2 address.
Your swap transaction will be analysed, and if valid then new coins will be sent to a new v3 address.

Important points
Each swap transaction must come ONLY from one address.
This address MUST have a snapshot balance.

If either of these two points are not met, then the swap will fail.
You will find a selection of articles to assist you with each stage.

Let's look at the swap site

You will be filling in the top two fields.
"YOUR EXCL NEW ADDRESS" - this is a new v3 address
"YOUR EXCL OLD ADDRESS" - this is your old v2 address

Once you have entered those you will press
"Request EXCL OLD Address"

If your EXCL Old Address has a snapshot balance then the two lower fields will auto fill,
you can see my address has a "MAX SWAP AMOUNT' balance of 3431.050... EXCL v2,
and the swap site gives me a deposit address to send.

"MAX SWAP AMOUNT"  is the snapshot balance of your address. This is the maximum amount of coins you are able to swap from the address entered.

If these two areas remain empty, this means there are no coins in that snapshot address.
If this figure does not match your current wallet balance refer to this article My ExclusiveCoin snapshot balance is not correct 

Now you can send coins to the swap address.
This you will do like a normal transaction but there are a few important things to consider and remember.
-If you will be combining many small transaction (example, if you have been staking for some time) it will be useful to combine these small amounts first, then send your swap amount in a single amount.
-YOU MUST only send coins from the one address entered.
-YOU MUST send the swap amount, if you send less, you will need to do another transaction, if you send extra you will not be credited.

To ensure you send coins from the single corrent address, please use coin control.
Coin Control can group different addresses together so PLEASE ENSURE YOU FULLY EXPAND YOUR ADDRESS.
Please refer to this article How to use Coin Control to send coins for Exclusivecoin swap.

If all has succeeded, you will receive new v3 coins.The time taken to receive coins maybe a couple days as this process can involve manual processing., please be patient

I hope this article (and others) is helpful, please come to discord for further information.


To check your snapshot balances please refer to this article Check your ExclusiveCoin snapshot address balance.

Useful links

swap site -

v3 explorer - or
v3 wallets -

v2 explorer - -- this explorer has stopped around snapshot height, you can use this to verify your snapshot balances, but not for any current transactions
v2 wallets -
v2 snapshot -

Thursday, 27 June 2019

My ExclusiveCoin snapshot balance is not correct !!

This post is focusing on what happens when your snapshot coins do not match your expected balance.
(snapshot occurred 14th April 2019 at block 1,845,936)

The swap payment will be based on the stored snapshot for each address, and will be a 1:1 match of v2, if you find yourself in one of the situations below you need to match your pre-snapshot balance.

Here are some examples of what may have occurred.
1) The simplest explanation is that  you have several addresses in your wallet, but are only looking at one.
Continue reading to see various methods to determine your possible addresses.

2)  you have been staking or running a MasterNode after the snapshot and your current balance is higher than the snapshot balance
__ any coins generated after the snapshot will not be recognised by the snapshot and you will not receive any swap coins.
you will need to calculate your own balance and decide if it usefully matches the snapshot.

3)  you moved your coins after the snapshot, now your current address balances do not match the snapshot.
__ this scenario has several complex possibilities to it and your situation may not be covered.

How to check which addresses you own

firstly, check your total snapshot balance,
you may find your total matches, but address do not. The you will need to move coins to adjust to correct balance.

otherwise  you may find your total incorrect, in which case you will need to find which addresses you owned at the snapshot, send coins back to those addresses.

the simplest method may be to scroll through your transaction tab, compile a list of addresses, then check on explorer.
if you have named your addresses, you can copy the actual address by right clicking on the transaction and 'Copy address', then paste wherever you need.

if you want to name an address, you can right click on a transaction and select 'Edit label'

an alternative method to collect addresses is by using the console.
to open the console, select the Help menu > Debug window

enter the command 'listaddressgroupings' then press return

now, you can check each of your addresses against the explorer to discover which need to be funded.
remember to use coin control if you find it helpful.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Check your ExclusiveCoin snapshot address balance.

Exclusive Coin v2 snapshot occurred 14th April 2019 at block 1,845,936, this means over 82,000 new blocks and new coins exist on the current v2 chain.
These extra coins are not recognised by the snapshot, and your local balance may not match the snapshot balance

To confirm your address balance you may check using this explorer

Let us check the addresses from my earlier post on using coin control, here is an image of my addresses

it shows three addresses

the bottom two were both created after the snapshot and therefore do not exist on the v2 explorer showing this screen

while the first address shows a balance of 8420 EXCL, but on the explorer shows a balance of 3423 EXCL

In this case, if I checked my original screen shot I would expect 8,630 EXCL from the snapshot but then in reality I would only be receiving 3,432 EXCL from the snapshot.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

How to use Coin Control to send coins for Exclusivecoin swap.

For the ExclusiveCoin mandatory swap from v2 to v3 you will be required to send v2 coins from a single address in a single transaction.
If you have 3 addresses, you will be required to send 3 seperate transactions, each one from a single address.

You can use coin control existing inside the qt wallet to specify the individual send address.

Please note, if you want to run v2 and v3 wallets at the same time, please see note at the bottom of this article.

To enable coin control follow these steps.

1. Click on settings >> Options ...

2. Select Display tab >> Select "Display coin control features ..." >> Press OK

3. Select Send tab
>> Press "Inputs..." button, this will bring up coin selection dialogue , this example uses Tree mode
>> On the left is an expandable view of all your available inputs, ensure you select inputs from one single address.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EXPANDED THE ADDRESS. The wallet will also nest different change addresses, so it's necessary to ensure there are no other address selected.

4. You can see displayed information regarding your input selection, "After Fee" is how much you have available to send
>> Enter the v2 swap address you were given by the swap site
>> send your swap coins, remember your swap rate is based on the snapshot balance of the input address NOT how many coins you send (see below for more info)
>> Press send.

more info regarding swap.
a snapshot was created at block 1845936, you will be swapped ONLY for coins available at that height.

in my examples there are 100 coins in that address,
if the snapshot balance is 100 coins the swap site will send me exactly 100 coins.
if i have been staking and send 120 coins, i will receive 100 coins.
if i send 5 coins, i will receive 5 coins.

any transactions past block 1845936 will not exist and will not affect swap.
if you have staked past block 1845936 then the new coins will not exist in the snapshot and will not be swapped
if you have moved coins after block 1845936 you will still need to send from your early address
if you test the swap process and your change goes to a new address, you will have to send it back to your snapshot address to complete the swap.

running v2 and v3 wallets at the same time
both wallets use the same port number, so it will be required to specify v2 wallet to use a different port number.
you will need to edit the exclusivecoin.conf file and add


handy links

v3 explorer -
v3 wallets -

v2 explorer - - any balances past block 1845936 will be ignored for swap purposes.
v2 wallets -
v2 snapshot -