Sunday, 30 June 2019

Exclusive Coin swap.

The ongoing EXCL user swap will be handled by a dedicated swap site.
Before we discuss the swap site it's useful to consider how it will work.

Each EXCL v2 address has it's own snapshot balance.
You will send coins from your EXCL v2 address.
Your swap transaction will be analysed, and if valid then new coins will be sent to a new v3 address.

Important points
Each swap transaction must come ONLY from one address.
This address MUST have a snapshot balance.

If either of these two points are not met, then the swap will fail.
You will find a selection of articles to assist you with each stage.

Let's look at the swap site

You will be filling in the top two fields.
"YOUR EXCL NEW ADDRESS" - this is a new v3 address
"YOUR EXCL OLD ADDRESS" - this is your old v2 address

Once you have entered those you will press
"Request EXCL OLD Address"

If your EXCL Old Address has a snapshot balance then the two lower fields will auto fill,
you can see my address has a "MAX SWAP AMOUNT' balance of 3431.050... EXCL v2,
and the swap site gives me a deposit address to send.

"MAX SWAP AMOUNT"  is the snapshot balance of your address. This is the maximum amount of coins you are able to swap from the address entered.

If these two areas remain empty, this means there are no coins in that snapshot address.
If this figure does not match your current wallet balance refer to this article My ExclusiveCoin snapshot balance is not correct 

Now you can send coins to the swap address.
This you will do like a normal transaction but there are a few important things to consider and remember.
-If you will be combining many small transaction (example, if you have been staking for some time) it will be useful to combine these small amounts first, then send your swap amount in a single amount.
-YOU MUST only send coins from the one address entered.
-YOU MUST send the swap amount, if you send less, you will need to do another transaction, if you send extra you will not be credited.

To ensure you send coins from the single corrent address, please use coin control.
Coin Control can group different addresses together so PLEASE ENSURE YOU FULLY EXPAND YOUR ADDRESS.
Please refer to this article How to use Coin Control to send coins for Exclusivecoin swap.

If all has succeeded, you will receive new v3 coins.The time taken to receive coins maybe a couple days as this process can involve manual processing., please be patient

I hope this article (and others) is helpful, please come to discord for further information.


To check your snapshot balances please refer to this article Check your ExclusiveCoin snapshot address balance.

Useful links

swap site -

v3 explorer - or
v3 wallets -

v2 explorer - -- this explorer has stopped around snapshot height, you can use this to verify your snapshot balances, but not for any current transactions
v2 wallets -
v2 snapshot -

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