Friday, 21 December 2018

Using your existing copy of the Exclusive Coin blockchain to sync the new clients.

This document is to assist users in modifying their current copy of the blockchain to enable a fast re-sync with the new client.

The new client has new protocol rules, so it will only accept blocks that conform with the new settings. This means it will only scan the bootstrap up to the fork block and then stop.

It is important to remember that you are modifying files in the data directory that holds your wallet keys so care is needed when deleting and renaming files.

The basic steps involved are,
1.going to you data directory
2.backing up files for safe keeping
3.deleting one folder
4.renaming one file


1. The default location for your Exclusive Coin data directory can be found on windows in 

or on macOS 
~/Library/Application Support

You many find any other crypto currency wallets you might have in this folder.

If you are 100% paranoid and concerned, you can back up the entire data directory before changing files.

2. Once you have entered your ExclusiveCoin folder you will see an assortment of files.

Back up the file wallet.dat somewhere safe. if you do something terrible during the next few steps you can restore your wallet from this backup.

3. Delete the folder named txleveldb, also the file mncache.dat.

4. Rename blk0001.dat to bootstrap.dat

Now you may start the new wallet, it will scan the bootstrap file and sync up to the fork block, then it will connect to the network as normally.


deleting the file mncache.dat is not necessary for bootstrap. but due to other updates in EXCL all users are recommended to do so.



  1. I have less coins after re-syncing. Any idea what I have done wrong?

  2. Solved: repairwallet did solve the issue.