Monday, 7 October 2019

Split stakes in Stronghands-Qt using Send dialog

This guide uses the newer Stronghands v07301wallet, this has a minor change to allow using duplicate addresses in the Send dialog.

The PoS rewards structure of Stronghands is best utilized by splitting your inputs, these inputs will take longer to stake (than larger size), but will increase the number of stakes over time (because you have more of them).
a rough example
If you have 100,000 coins, it might stake quickly in just over 30 days - this might give you 12 stakes/year
but if you split into 10 x 10,000 coins they might take 3 months, but because you have 10, you might end up with 40 stakes/year

This guide does not cover using coin control, but it is recommended to use coin control to ensure you are splitting the correct coins.

If I have three inputs of 100,000 and 5,000 and 5,000. Using coin control can be used to specify I split the 100,000.
otherwise it is quite possible for the the smaller coins to be used and the 100,000 not be touched.

Coin Control is similar between most wallets, it can be enabled in the Preferences / Display settings.
Here is a guide for EXCL which may be of some assistance in understanding


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